London – Day 112

Friday – The final day!

Friday was the last day of school…which was a luncheon with all the different schools. So I was able to see all the Georgetown Girls, even the ones in the other programs. It was only a few short hours but a great way to wrap up and say goodbye.

Friday was also the day Anthony arrived!! He got in around 8am, and slept during my lunch. Afterwards we headed out first to see the BBC’s Sherlock’s house which is not far from where I live. From there we walked through Regents Park all the way to Abbey Road. We saw the studios and the famous crosswalk. With that I checked everything off my London to do list! We had a few hours to kill before dinner so we walked south through St John’s Wood and down through Hyde Park. We walked around the Serpentine and sat on a bench for awhile. Then we went to Harrods, found the Princess Diana Memorial in the basement, then walked over to our restaurant. We went to Roti Chai, which was a really delicious Indian restaurant. It reminded me of Rasika in Washington, DC. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, then walked it off home. I found all the Byng Place girls hanging out in one apartment so we stopped by to say our real last goodbyes. I will miss having such great friends, so close, in such an amazing city. I had finished packing and was ready to sleep, wake up early and bid my home for the last four months so long!


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