London – Day 111

Thursday – Today felt like a weekend because school is over! Very crazy to say that, but it is.

I woke up early this morning and took advantage of the sunshine and ran to Regents Park to play some footy! The park is gorgeous and all the flowers have bloomed. I took to the big field to dribble and practice my goal kicks. It was lovely. I had lunch with Kate, Mia, Brittany, Kristin, and Anna. We had an indoor picnic with food from the farmers market across the street. The weather has decided to be incredibly London – windy and spurts of rain – so we though indoors was safest. I had to say goodbye to two of the girls who left tonight for trips in Europe before heading home. I spent the afternoon with Kate wandering around the city, including stops into Leicester Square (to see the Banana Stand that is on tour for the promotion of Arrested Development!), The National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Art and St Martins-in-the-Field (a favorite spot of Gwyneth Paltrow). We then went to dinner at Meat Liquor – which is one of the most popular places in the city currently. You wait in line outside and they bring you in closer strategically until you wait at the bar for your table. The concept is its all drinks, and then burgers! (and wings, and chicken sandwiches, and fries – plain, cheese or chili cheese – and hot fudge sundae desserts…). I got the “Dirty Hippie” burger, which consisted of two patties, “dirty hippy sauce” and chopped up onions. It tasted like a super fancy Big Mac! We split cheese fries and opted for cans of Coke instead of the liquor. The inside was pretty crazy, with street art all over the walls and funky lighting. I felt cooler by just being in the room, and all the food was delicious too! It was a really great night, and a perfect way to end my alone time here since Anthony arrives tomorrow morning!!!!

One week from today I’ll be flying home!


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