London – Days 108, 109, 110

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

Monday was a bank holiday. Which means everything opens late and closes early. I went shopping down Oxford Street and into Selfridges. I was expecting a lot more out of Selfridges, but it seems to be your average department store. I popped into all the London shops I won’t have when I get home. Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, River Island etc. Then I walked through Hyde Park. It was a glorious sunny day and people were out in full force playing soccer, tossing frisbees, having picnics. People here really do take advantage of the good weather, and it’s perfect it came on a holiday! I went to the Natural History museum, which is one of the final places on my big list of things to do. It was pretty cool. There were some areas which were clearly updated more recently than others. It is a massive building. The dinosaur area made me want to tear my hair out because they put you into a line, walk you up some steps, then walk on a platform the length of the exhibit to see it from above, you finally come down at the end into a little room with a life size animatronic T-Rex growling, then wind you back through the exhibit like a snake curve until you can finally reach the exit. It was crowded, there were strollers, people were taking pictures of everything. I think if I wasn’t claustrophobic before, I am now! The best part of the exhibition of course was the gems and stones! All the diamonds and sapphires and rubies. It is a shame they are in a case and not with me. And this entire time, my building lost the Internet. It went away Sunday around 6pm and finally came back on Wednesday – while I was already at school giving my presentation. So I spent a lot of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday popping into various cafes for wifi. Monday I met up with Kate at Yumchaa for a few hours to work on our paper for the presentation. I also got a lot of packing done, without the internet…there isn’t much else to do at night!

Tuesday, I got my hair cut in the morning. The whole experience was great. Afterwards I walked down through to Middle Temple, which is one of the big Inns of Court. It is only open on the weekdays. I walked through the small alley through the buildings, like I belonged and ended up at the most beautiful and huge courtyard where all the lawyers were taking lunch. So many posh accents and so many cufflinks in such a small area. I spent the afternoon working with my group for our project, and felt very solid by 7pm! Then it was time for dinner, and I was attempting to go completely off book and memorize my notes. I went to Starbucks for a few hours to get internet and then back home.

Wednesday – Presentation Day! We, of course, were last on the list of presenters. Which is bad because by that time I just wanted to get it over with, but good to see how the panel of judges reacted to the other presentations. They were pretty critical and very tough when it came to the financials and if the numbers did not match up that was trouble. My group had lunch together, and we went over everything one more time and finally gave our presentation at 3pm. It was great! We wore all black, and looked like we were going into a real pitch. The judges really liked us, and did not give us a hard time only some suggestions on how to take it to the next level. We celebrated afterwards by going to get drinks at Wahacca, which turned into drinks at the London Cocktail Society, which turned into dinner at Salt Yard! I love the time I’ve spent with these girls here in London, and it was great to cap it off with a fun night.

Now to turn in my Georgetown semester paper….then I’ll really be done!


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