London – Day 107


I took a bus tour to Blenheim Palace and the Cotswolds. My last jaunt into the English countryside on my trip. Blenheim was fabulous. It is the largest privately owned palace in England. This is where Winston Churchill was born. The grounds are extensive and incredible. The bus arrived around 10:30 and we had almost two hours to explore. The interior of the house is impressive. I loved the library and the furnishings. The grounds from the Italian gardens, to the Secret Garden and the huge lawn were so beautiful. It was just enough time for me to see everything! The bus then travelled through the Cotswolds, first to the town of Burford where we had lunch. I ate fish and chips, and wandered the towns high street into various shops, and wandered off the high street to look at the local architecture. It is so quaint and pretty there. On the way we went through a town called Witney! Which, I guess I’ll forgive all English people that spell my name wrong now, but not enough for them to act like its a strange name to have. I found a street in Burford called Witney, and of course took many pictures of it. From there we stopped in Burton on the Water. Which is a tiny town with a tiny little stream running through it that was packed with people. I got an ice cream and strolled up and down the streets. It was such a gorgeous day outside I understand why everyone wanted to be on the grass by the water. I stopped into an arts and crafts fair and other shops. They call the town “The Venice of the Cotswolds” Big name for a such a small place. We then stopped into a really really small village called Bibury. Their big draw is they have a trout farm with beautiful gardens, and the stone cottages. When William Morris visited it, he called it the most beautiful village in England. Arlington Row is the most photographed place in the Cotswolds (and a big place for filming including Bridge Jones Diary!). It was gorgeous and the best way to end the day in the country.

I got home in time to go to the grocery store for the last time, cook dinner and work on my final project with Kate for a couple of hours. I also started packing. It is mental to think that I’ll be moving out of my flat on Saturday. Its been a good run!


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