London – Day 106


I woke up ridiculously early this morning, though sitting here at the end of the night I know it was all worth it. Kate and I decided to try our luck at same day, 10 pound tickets to see Helen Mirren in The Audience. It is a play about the private conversations between the Queen and her 12 different Prime Ministers. We were in line by 7am and still almost twenty people back in line for the box office that opened at 10am. We got the last two tickets to the evening performance, but standing room only. Each person can pick up two tickets, and there are just I believe 12 seated and 12 standing. We were quite happy with snagging the last two tickets of the night, and practically skipped home. I spent the afternoon doing laundry, editing our business proposal (from 20,000 words to 12,555 words….no joke. It will eventually become around 4,000), and starting to sort through my things – recycling what I don’t need from the semester! I am holding onto my notebooks for now, but I may end up giving them up in the end. Kate and I walked back to the theater together for our show, and it did not disappoint! Though I think the English audience got much more out of it than me, I am happy to have seen it. They must update the script constantly for they talked about Margaret Thatchers funeral and Queen Beatrix abdicating. Very towards the end the lights went out on stage, and they had to stop the performance! But Dame Helen Mirren spoke to the audience, and told us how sorry she was and was so funny and nice! She also told us, the drumming we heard right before intermission – which I thought must have been from a show at the theater next door being too loud, was actually a few guys outside the stage door. Apparently the staff couldn’t get them to leave, so she went out there as the Queen and ordered them to! How thrilling! I loved everything about the play and now I want to go read a book about the last 60 years in British history. Bonus – they had two real corgis in the play as well! Even though I spent the play standing at the back wall, it was one of the coolest things I have done in London so far….saw a real West End play!


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