London – Day 102, 103, 104, 105

The last week of class!

What a week. Tuesday, my art business had its final classes. We talked about the Impressionist and Modern markets, and ended the day with a mock auction. Our professor laid out four items for us to look at, gather as much information as we could, and then do some research on our computers and come up with what we thought the piece was worth. We were in small groups. My group won two out of the four paintings! I was the bidder both times, it was kind of thrilling. We were able to discover hidden signatures, markings on the back and figure out the artists and what we thought they were worth. Not a bad way to end my schooling in business.

Wednesday, my group had our final meeting for our business. It went smoothly and our advisors said we were ‘sorted’. I hope it translates next Wednesday when we pitch our idea to a panel of potential investors! Afterwards, I went with Kate, Mia and Brittany to Chinatown for dinner. It as so delicious. Time Out said they had the best dim sum in the it must be true! Afterwards we walked through Covent Garden to Ben’s Cookies for a treat. I’m getting in every last bit that I can.

Thursday, my art history course was on Post Impressionism and Symbolism to end the 19th century. In the afternoon we visited the National Galler of Art’s Impressionist wing. Our teacher divided the day to first have her lecture, and then second, give us two pieces to compare in small groups. We then presented these pieces to the class. The professor told us that those galleries were always packed and you tend to draw a crowd, and this was no different. I talked about a Seurat piece, to not only my class but a crowd of strangers. Can I put on my resume that I have led a tour in the NGA in London? That night I spent four hours studying with two classmates for our final exam.

Friday – 9am – my last exam ever! (Though I said that before, now I mean it, I think..) It was our visual analysis test, and it covered absolutely everything. My analysis is the first slide was a Turner Romantic shipwreck scene, the second was Regency Architecture (like we saw in Brighton, so anyone who missed that day was out of luck!), the third was a piece of Empire Silver from France, the fourth was a Roger Fenton war photograph, and the fifth was an Orientalist painting. We then had two mini comparison essays, the first was a comparison between a Constable landscape and a Van Gogh Landscape. Romanticism early 19th century versus Post-Impressionist late 19th Century. The final comparison was a Pre-Raphaelite painting 1850 versus an early Monet. I wrote as fast as I could so hopefully I got enough down to show I knew what I was talking about! We had two classes post test. One on Art Nouveau and the other was a handling session of 18th century prints! Walking home from that class I was touched with a bit of sadness that it is the end to my formal education on art. Which means, I will need plenty of book recommendations and trips to the galleries in my near future! At night I went out to sushi with Kate, Mia, Brittany, Elizabeth and Mia’s friend who is visiting. It was very delicious. We walked through and stopped at a bar in Soho, which is a very packed and crazy nightlife neighborhood. A fun way to celebrate the final exam!


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