London – Day 101

Also known as – One day in Paris!

Last week I decided to buy a train ticket to spend one day in Paris. I kept hearing about how you can go to Paris for lunch, and how it takes longer to get to most places in England than it does to get to Paris. And with my time winding down I knew it was a now or never situation. I just really wanted to go to Paris, only to walk around, eat a crepe so I did it. I took a 5:40am train from Kings Cross, which happens to be about a 10 minute walk from the apartment. I arrived in Paris at breakfast.

I walked from Gare du Nord, down through the Marais and on to Notre Dame. Then I walked by Sainte-Chapelle and across the river to the Latin Quarter. From there I walked down the Saint Germain and decided to go to lunch at Les Deux Magots. Alex and I went here the last time we were in Paris and I loved it. I tried to find something new, but decided to go with a sure bet. I sat at one of the tiny outside tables, and my waiter spoke to me in French the whole time. I ordered a hot chocolate and a croque madame. It was super delicious and so nice to be outside and just enjoy sitting and watching people. I had no wifi and nothing to read, so it was just me sitting and observing. A few things I noticed. All young couples are beautiful, and all babies are fussy in Paris. The couple next to me with a baby ordered a bottle of water, a tomato juice and a bowl of pretzels! I was surprised at how they could order so little and spend so much time there.

From there I walked to the Jardin du Luxembourg by way of the beautiful shops, including Pierre Herme – a famous macaroon shop. I bought a big chocolate macaroon and took it to the park with me. I sat on a bench and enjoyed the sunlight with loads of other people. Another observation about Paris – tons of outdoor seating! It was so gorgeous outside, it was hard to move along. But I did, and I walked back towards the water by way of Rue Jacob (for my dad, to see – again -where they signed the Treaty of Paris), across a bridge, around the Louvre pyramid and up the Jardin des Tulleries. I sat some more and people watched, and then went into the Orangery museum. This museum is known for the 8 huge water lilies that Monet left. There are two rooms that contain them, and are on each of the walls. So it is like you get a 360 degree view of his lilies. The museum has other impressionists works, so that was good to see – both as a study tool for Friday and for life!

After that I walked down the Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe, and then onto the Eiffel Tower! And on the way I picked up a crepe with nutella and banans to eat as I strolled. So the visit was a success! I spent time at the Eiffel Tower, watching all the vistiors, and people taking pictures. It was very nice and sunny all day then this is when the clouds started coming in. It was never cold, but it stopped being a beautiful spring day. I took this as my time to move along. I walked all the way up back towards the Sacre Coeur, all the way up the steps to the very top. I stopped here and sat on the grass overlooking the city! It was a beautiful sight. I decided to spend my last hour and a half eating steak frites, and so I walked towards the train station and found a restaurant, even though I was already pretty full I had to take advantage of every meal!

The train ride back was easy, and I slept most of the way. I was home by 11, wiping the Paris dust off my boots and call my mom to say Happy Birthday (Happy birthday mom!!!!!).

It was definitely a trip well worth it, just to say I hopped over to Paris for some lunch and a stroll.


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