London – Day 100

Wow! Day 100!

It was a beautiful Sunday in London. I spent my morning at the Columbia Road Flower Market. Which is quite cool. The whole street is blocked off by flower vendors on either side. And they all have amazing cockney accents! They were shouting out, “20 roses for a fiver, can’t get that deal anywhere else!” Or “These bulbs here, just a tener, it is double that at the market!” Fiver means a five pound note, and tener is a ten! It is the first time I’ve actually heard someone use those words though. They were all portly gentlemen shouting out about their flowers. Along the street there are some really cool shops. They had print art galleries and home stores. Not a bad spot! Afterwards I walked through Shoreditch and Spitalfields Market. I can never get enough of that place.

From there I went to the London Original Print Art Fair at the Royal Academy. I absolutely love prints, so this was very cool for me. There were over thirty galleries with their works. I saw my favorite piece from Art13 and fell in love with a few more artists. I walked home from there by way of Regent Street and all the shops. Then I did some homework and went to bed as early as possible because I had a 5:40am train to catch the next morning!!! Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.


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