London – Days 95, 96, 97, 98

Another busy school week!

Tuesday, we learned about the 19th century market, and how to sell at auction. Our teacher for these classes is so quintessential British to me, and such a great teacher. I enjoy all of his lectures.

Wednesday, I only had a group meeting with our coaches for half an hour. I spent the morning at the Wallace Collection library researching for my Georgetown paper. And at night, I went to a country music concert! Oli had an extra ticket to see Eric Church at The Forum. We met for dinner before at Chipotle – to make it a real American experience. It was awesome seeing all the British people in their plaid and cowboy boots. The concert was actually very good, and my first country concert ever.

Thursday, my class was on 19th century photography…which I obviously loved. We had the afternoon off as a study afternoon. Elizabeth and I prepped for our oral presentation and I spent the evening finishing my Georgetown paper! So it is written, but not done. My favorite editor Ian is doing a first run on it.

Friday, presentation day! The order was pre-set and Elizabeth and I went third in the line up. It went well and I’m so glad another big project is finished! It was interesting to watch the other peoples presentations and see what they came up with. Some presentations were really thoughtful and smart. I went out to dinner with Kate, Mia, Elizabeth Walker, Kristen and her two friends that were visiting and Anna and her sister to Dishoom. It is a super popular, and super delicious Indian restaurant near the Seven Dials. It was nice to go out some place new in a big group, and a great way to end the week!


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