London – Day 94

Monday – Harry Potter Monday!

Today was a busy day. I had a meeting early with my paper advisor on how it is coming along. I think I’m doing pretty well on it, and hope to have a completed rough draft by the end of the week! That would be amazing since I have my oral presentation this week as well, and that would knock out two of my major end of the semester projects.

Then….I went to the Harry Potter Studios! It was pretty awesome. They turned the studio lot into a museum. It is a bit like going to a theme park. They usher you into a room and talk to you about studio, and then usher you into another room and you watch a video about the lot. It ends on an image of the doors to the Great Hall…then the screen raises and you see the actual doors right in front of you which you get to walk through and into the dining hall. Pretty magical. Then you walk through the second part of the tour which is different sets from the movies. They have the Gryffindor common room, the Leaky Cauldron, Hagrid’s hut, Dumbledore’s Office, the potions classroom, the Weasley kitchen, the Ministry of Magic! All of this plus tons of costumes and all the props, including – my favorite – all the oil paintings from the hallways which I can see now that they are copies of famous paintings of Dukes and Kings and Queens I’ve been studying! So clever. From there you go to the back lot where they have Number 4 Privot Drive, the purple bus that picks Harry up, the Bridge that extends out from Hogwarts. And out there they have refreshments including….butterbeer. Yep! Only two places in the world serve butterbeer, there and the Harry Potter World in Florida. After that you head back into the studio sound stage, down Diagon Alley, and into Ollivander’s wand shop and exit through the gift shop! It was a quick and easy train ride just outside the city, and a really fun and unique way to spend my Monday!

I had to meet with my business group when I got back to the city. We extended our meeting over dinner at Bryon’s Proper Hamburger. Just another wonderful Monday.


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