London – Days 87, 88, 89, 90, 91

This has been a strange week in the news. From the Margaret Thatcher funeral here to the news at home about Boston. I hope you are all doing well!

My week was good and mainly uneventful!

Monday, I worked on homework all day long. Including a three hour session with Elizabeth on our Oral Presentation we will be giving in class next week. We have to pick two pieces of art and compare them. I am going to talk about a John Constable painting and Elizabeth is talking about a Casper David Friedrich painting. They are both painters in the Romanticism genre. Now we just have to give the presentation, and that will be one less major piece of school work to check off my list!

Tuesday, My class discussed the Old Masters market. My teacher for this section is the quintessential British man. 60s style geek glasses, crooked teeth, snooty accent, obviously very smart talking about the art market. The first day he wore a black mock turtleneck, this time around he wore a suit that had cufflinks that looked like a coat of arms.

Wednesday, I had basically the whole day off because our Wednesdays now consist of coaching sessions for our final Art Business project. My group met with our coaches from 4 to 4:30. I spent the morning walking around Regent and Oxford Streets. The weather has become pretty nice! it is now in the upper 50s instead of always being in the 30s, and the sun has come out!

Thursday, my classes were on Realism and also, the art of the hang. We looked at ways museums hang paintings, and how it relates to the painting. Whether it is salon style, or white cube, there is a meaning to the way paintings are presented.

Friday, the day I have been waiting for all semester…Impressionism! We spent the morning on Impressionism, and the afternoon on women artists and focusing on the two Impressionist women artist Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot. A beautiful day for art. I went to dinner with Marni to the Farringdon neighborhood. We decided on a restaurant called Burger and Lobster, which I had recommended to be before. It was awesome. Everyone in that neighborhood is so hip and all the restaurants look amazing. We had a wait for our table so we walked down to St John’s (where Anthony and I went in February) for a drink at the bar. After an hour we headed back next door to our restaurant. Burger and Lobster has just that on the menu….four items. A burger (with cheese and streaky bacon if you like), a ‘California’ burger aka no bun wrapped in lettuce, Lobster, or a Lobster Roll. All items come with fries and a salad. I had the lobster roll, which came with an optional butter and garlic sauce on the side (uh yes please, like you even have to ask). And everyone was super duper incredible! So tasty, and such a fun place.  I am now ready to sleep and take on the weekend!


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