London – Day 86

Sunday – A sunny day!

Today was one of the few really nice days I’ve seen since I’ve lived here. It was in the 60s, sunny, clear and beautiful out. I walked down towards the river and to the Banqueting House at Whitehall. This is where Charles the I had masked balls, and commissioned Rubens to paint the ceiling…and then had his head chopped off right outside. The ceiling has miraculously survived time, fires, Oliver Cromwell, and is a sight to see!

For lunch I walked across the bridge to the South Bank Food Market. It apparently changes all the time and this weekend held a ton of Indian food vendors. I ate a chicken tiki masala wrap, and it was delicious. While walking back over the bridge towards home, there was a family in front of me and the wind was so strong a balloon flew out of the mom’s hand. She almost went after it until the balloon whooshed into the street. I was a few steps behind them as were a few other people, and the balloon miraculously headed back towards us. A man in front of me tried to catch it but missed it, and I somehow snatched it out of the air! The man shouted, “Great Catch! Well done you!” Which caught the attention of the family. I felt so proud as I ran to catch up with them and give her the balloon back! That was my hero moment for my time here in London.

I strolled home by way of some shops and decided to head back in when the weather started to turn colder and grayer. I spent the afternoon working on notecards for art history and my Georgetown paper about the Wallace Collection. I feel pretty accomplished – though there is still a lot to do before the semester ends!

Ruben's Ceiling

Ruben’s Ceiling

Gorgeous day out

Gorgeous day out – my favorite view

South Bank Food Market

South Bank Food Market


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