London – Day 81

Tuesday – back in class.

Today we learned about how to set a price for a piece of art either in an auction house or in a gallery. In the afternoon we talked about art online, and had a guest speaker from Artstack. Which when I went into the talk was convinced it was just Pinterest for art – but it is actually so much more than that. It is an online community based on learning about art from other people. I don’t know that I will get into it, but I did sign up for it.

After classes, I ended up heading out to the Barbour store. I had searched online for my jacket and found it was sold out a lot of places. At the Barbour store they did not have it, and I had them call the other stores in London which did not have the jacket either! So I promptly booked it to Harvey Nichols, afraid it might be sold out in the last 24 hours. However, I found it on the rack just where I had left it. It must have been fate, so I bought it. I can now call myself a local since I have a quilted Barbour jacket. The price per wear, plus happiness this coat will bring me (because I don’t have to wear the same jacket over and over) is going to pay for itself tenfold!

Tonight I have been working on my Georgetown paper, and have been researching the collections of the Wallace Collection. Very interesting, and I have around 900 words written – only about 2,600 to go!


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