London – Day 80

Monday – Weekend!

It is so amazing to have an extra day on the weekend. That is going to be something I will miss for sure. It was another beautifully sunny day so I decided to take advantage of it by getting outside. I met up with Elizabeth at the Royal Academy of Art to catch the Manet exhibition that closes this week. It was quite an extensive exhibit, and pretty crowded too. While we were standing in line to get in, the ticket taker announced, “This may elicit tear or cheers depending on who you are, but you should all know that Margaret Thatcher has just died.” It was hard to escape the news the rest of the day and everywhere I went I heard people talking about Maggie. The good and the bad. The exhibit itself was good. I have not seen a lot of Manet’s work, so that was interesting to see how he is going to fit into my 19th century art class. I wouldn’t say he is my favorite, but still amazing to see a collection of so many great works!

Afterwards, we went back to Elizabeth’s to pick up Olivia and take her out shopping with us. Elizabeth needed to get a dress so I accompanied her to Harvey Nicholas to shop. It was great fun and successful! I tried on a couple Barbour coats because I have been wanting one the last month, especially more so lately that I am so sick of wearing my same jackets day after day, and the weather doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. I decided to be a good shopper and go home to compare prices.

I spent my night settling back into my life of not being a host! I washed all my sheets and laundry, reorganized my closet and storage areas, caught up on emails and other online obligations, watched an episode of Nashville and went to sleep. All in all a great day!


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