London – Day 78

Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath

Saturday, Courtney Day 5!

We decided to take a bus tour that took us to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath! It was a whirlwind tour but I am so happy we did it. While you can spend loads of time in each of these locations, we saw everything we wanted to see. The morning started out at Windsor Castle, which is incredible. I was so impressed by Queen Mary’s dollhouse, the incredible state apartments and St. George’s Chapel. I can see why the Queen prefers to spend her time here. The amount of art in each of the rooms is just insane. From the furniture, to the porcelain to the paintings and ceilings and room design. Amazing. I do think it is the most impressive place I have been so far. The chapel was neat as well, we saw where Henry VIII was buried, and some of the most recent Kings and Queens like the Queen Mother and King George VI.

From there we traveled to Stonehenge, and had our boxed lunch on the way…which was key in terms of time saving and very tasty. Stonehenge was also very impressive. I know people might think its a touristy roadside attraction but I thought it was very cool. Plus, it was the first sunny day England had seen in….forever, so it was gorgeous outside. The audio guide was interesting to learn about the different theories of Stonehenge as well as the studies that have been done on it to determine the rocks origans and dates. We drove by the new visitor’s center they are building, which should be opened in October 2014. I guess I will have to go back!

Our final stop was in Bath. Bath was a very cool city, and so different from the rest of England. I did feel like I was in an Italian town! We toured the Bath House, which was also a very well done and extensive site. The museum has won awards for being the best in Europe, and I can see why. There is so much information and the tour through the site is engaging, well laid out and incredibly interesting! The tour ends with a chance to taste some of the water, which we did. Not the best drinking water, but it apparently brings good luck so I’ll take it! We had time after that to walk around the city. There was a wedding at the abbey and we were just in time to see the bride and groom walk out to their send off in the car. All the ladies were wearing fascinators and hats! We also walked to the bridge, which is one of the very few remaining bridges that also has shops on it, just like the Ponte Vecchio.

After all that it was time to head back to London. We were dropped off in South Kensington so we decided to walk to King’s Road for dinner and have Elizabeth meet us out. We ended up at a Thai restaurant and afterwards went to one last pub to end her trip in true British fashion.

I am so happy Courtney came out to see me. I appreciate all the planning and meals and great fun we had together! It was a trip I’ll never forget!

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle





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