London – Day 77

Friday , Courtney Day 4!

Friday morning, Courtney came with me to my art history class that was held inside the Tate Modern. We talked about different Victorian paintings including Romanticism, and Pre-Raphaelites. I can tell Courtney knows a lot and will now take your questions on anything painted in Britain the 1850s. It was a great Friday for her to visit because there were no afternoon classes! We went to lunch at Borough’s Market with Elizabeth. I had the raclette, which was poured over some potatoes, Courtney had a hot salt beef sandwich, and Elizabeth had soup and a burger! The market was busy, but not as insane as it is on the weekends which made it perfect for strolling through the stalls.

From there we went to the Churchill War Rooms. They were so cool to see, and had such an extensive audio guide and and additional Churchill Museum that used all the latest museum technology. It was done extremely well and definitely on my list of to-dos! A person could spend all day in there with the amount of information there is to look at, read and listen to.

We left the museum, which was by the Horse Guards, and walked up Regent Street through Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus to see all of the shops. We stopped near my place to have tea at Yumcha, before heading home to put our feet up. We decided to stay close for dinner and ended up eating Italian near Charlotte Street because as we were checking out the menu, a very Italian man came up to us and said…best Italian in London! So it was hard to pass up! I ate carbonara and Courtney had gnocchi, and it was indeed very very good.

Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms


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