London – Day 76

Thursday – Courtney Day 3!

In my art history courses we learned about Orientalism and the Pre-raphaelites. Both areas of art I have never studied before, and are both incredibly interesting. I can already tell the 19th century is going to be more difficult to decipher than the previous two.

After class I had a school meeting. I, for some reason, decided it would be good to act as a class representative and had my first official meeting with the heads of the different departments of Sotheby’s. We discussed all criticisms and praise I have been collecting from the other students. I think it was successful and, while taking my time away from being with Courtney, I am glad I am a part of it.

I met up after with Courtney at a pub called Porterhouse in Covent Garden, where we met with Alex and Oli! Alex I have not seen yet since I have been in town. Alex and Oli are both British and were both summer interns at the Capitol several years back. Alex was in Courtney’s office and they all became friends and stayed in touch. Both of the boys went to the Obama inauguration four years ago and that is were I first met them. We had dinner at the Palm Court Brasserie, a French restaurant. I had steak! It was very good food, and great company!


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