London – Day 75

Wednesday – Courtney Day 2!

After my business classes, I met Courtney in Knightsbridge at Harrods. She spent the day in Notting Hill and South Kensington. We went into Top Shop – where I bought some new black jeans, since I am pretty tired of my tiny wardrobe I have here. We walked down to Chelsea and on King’s Road we stopped for a hot chocolate and tea break. We then took the Tube from Sloane Square to the Tower of London to pick up a walking tour of Jack the Ripper! It started at 7:30pm…so just as it was getting dark. We walked the streets the ripper walked, heard about his gruesome murders, saw where the bodies were found, and ended the tour at Spitalfields Market. It was neat to hear about the area during the Victorian times but totally creepy to learn all about Jack the Ripper…whoever he was. Scary! Afterwards we headed towards Smithfield Market and had dinner at a restaurant that boasted hot salt beef and craft beer! I had an amazing hot salt beef sandwich and a cider, and Court ate a rarebit sandwich! By that time it was pretty late so we headed back home again. I am quite impressed about how Courtney fought the jet lag feeling and managed to stay out and about! It was another full and successful day.


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