London – Day 73

Monday, Erin’s 4th day!

Our day was amazing. We took the suburban rail out to Hampton Court! Hampton Court is where Henry the VIII and also William and Mary called home. There was so much to see in one place. The audio guide was amazing in directing us around. We saw Henry’s apartments, and Williams apartments which were done in the high styles of their time. We saw the kitchen area, the inner court yards, a Georgian style apartment that was absolutely incredible. They had Caravaggio, and Adam’s style rooms. Everything I’ve learned in my classes, all in one place. The most impressive sight was the gardens. Like all the palaces did, it was modeled after Versailles. We went through the different sections, and even a maze! Which, was a bit tricky, but my first real hedge maze. I felt like Alice. We ate lunch in the cafe, saw the Guinness Book of World Records largest vine in the world, and took the train back to Chelsea.

Elizabeth was coming back so we met with her to transfer keys, headed back to the apartment and then it was time for dinner! With it being a bank holiday, and getting a late start (bad on my end) we wandered around Farringdon trying to find a place to serve us. We ended up at a delicious small Italian restaurant, so it all worked out.

I’m really really so thankful to Erin for visiting! We had a great time, saw a lot, walked hundreds of miles, ate delicious food and I wish we could do it all over again.


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