London – Day 69

Thursday … but also sort of like Friday since tomorrow is a holiday!

My class this morning learned about Romanticism in Britain, then we spent the afternoon at Tate Britain. It was my first time at this museum. They are doing a lot of work on it so not all the galleries are open. We were there to see the Turners, and they have…basically all of them. Turner left around 300 paintings and thousands of sketches to the city. I am still figuring out exactly what Romanticism in painting is, but I don’t think it is my favorite of everything we’ve learned. Maybe it will be when I’ve learned to appreciate it more!

After our visit, Elizabeth and I walked through Chelsea, picked up a chai latte, and hung out at her house for a bit. I really love her neighborhood. We decided to get manicures down the street. They call them “New York Manicures”, which seemed like a regular one to me. I’m not sure how else it can be done! I got a bright shade of coral to make me feel like its spring, even if the weather won’t cooperate.

I came home to find a box had been delivered from my mom! Easter came early! I am trying to limit myself to two Reeses eggs a day. Though that may be difficult…

Erin arrives tomorrow morning!! Since Elizabeth is leaving for the weekend she offered me her apartment to stay in. So we will be there Friday through Monday. Anna has a friend in town also, so that way everyone can sleep comfortably, and I’ll get to spend more time in one of my favorite spots in London.

Let the weekend begin!


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