London – Day 68


Ian left this morning. SAD! I was getting use to having him around. Now I’ll have to go do things on my own that are more fun with another person like grocery shop, eat dinner and visit historical sites.

My classes today were all guest lecturers. This morning was a Parisian man who is a famous collector. His collection is DSLcollection. He talked all about how to collect contemporary art, and the art market. Pretty interesting, and so french. He wore a all black and a turtleneck sweater and everything! This afternoon was a woman who is an independent curator. She talked about what it means to be a curator in the contemporary art scene, and showed us a few case studies of exhibitions she has curated in the past. Both very cool and unique experiences.

Tonight I was completely boring. I went to the library, Boots (which is like a CVS) and the grocery store. I crossed a lot off my to do list tonight including writing out flashcards for my art history I’ve learned so far, laundry, going through my emails, and filling in my missing notes from previous business class Powerpoints. Since Friday is a holiday tomorrow is my last day of school before the weekend!!! Then Erin comes to visit Friday, I can’t wait!

On another note, I have heard from all the places I have applied for internships for the summer, and I was offered positions at all of them. Which is great, and also hard at the same time because I can’t do them all. I am going to accept the one at the American History Museum. It is a Goldman Sachs Fellowship in the development department. It means a lot of responsibility and really working as if I were a member of the team. By the end of the summer I will for sure know if development is the career I want. I’m thrilled! And relieved to know that I am settled for when I get back from London.



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