London – Day 67

Tuesday. Back to school after a great weekend.

My class this morning was a guest lecture. It is the president of the National Gallery Company. So she runs the company that makes the money for the National Gallery, and has been for 16 years. This class was the closest to what I learned about last semester, and I loved it. This afternoon my group gave our project on the Fourth Plinth. We did a great job. I can say this because my teacher did not have any bad comments for us after, while she did for other groups.

Tonight Ian and I hung out since it is our last night! We went to eat pizza for dinner and took a stroll around the neighborhood. We have been watching TV now, things you can see only here… England play soccer…and shows that make me think of home…. New Girl! It has been a great few weeks and I will miss him a lot. With Ian I have been to four new countries! I have seen a lot, walked miles and miles, taken hundreds of pictures, and loved every second of it.


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