London – Day 66

Back in the city…and its freezing here too! What is going on world, and why is it “spring” and freezing?

My group met this morning to work on our, ungraded group project that we are presenting tomorrow. We are presenting on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square. Which is actually really interesting. It is an empty plinth, and has been that was since the mid 19th century when they ran out of money to put up a statue of George IV. So now they rotate contemporary art on it. Pretty cool!

After we were done, Ian and I went to lunch with Elizabeth and then to Westminister Abbey! From there Ian and I walked to Parliament, walked across the bridge, down South Bank by the National Theater, Tate Britain, the Globe, through Borough’s Market and all the way to the Tower Bridge. We walked across the bridge and sat outside the Tower of London for awhile. We took the Tube home, went grocery shopping and Ian made dinner for me again! I wish he could stay forever.

Tomorrow is his last full day. I’ll be sad to see him go.

Big Ben!

Big Ben!

Globe Theater

Globe Theater

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge


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