London – Day 60, 61, 62, 63

Week one of second half of the semester!

My business classes are focusing on arts marketing and branding. We are also going to get into groups of five soon to start our final project. We have to come up with a new art business idea and then present it to a panel of judges the last week of school. Anyone have an idea for me??  My art classes are into the 19th century this second half. We have started learning about romanticism! And we went to the V&A on Friday to look at 19th century silver with a silver expert. Wow did he know a lot, it is always impressive to meet people like that.

Ian this week has been seeing some of London on his own, including the British Library which I have not been to yet! He saw some of the Beatles’ original lyrics. I have to go soon.

Thursday night, we went to late night at the National Portrait Gallery. It was my first time there, and was amazing. From the old Tudor portraits up to Kate Middleton everything was so impressive. They have a few Warhols, and even have some photographs. I was most surprised to see Petula Clark! One of Courtney’s favorite singers. They also had an awesome Paul McCartney, and the Diana and Charles, and the one of William and Harry are amazing. I broke the no photography rule for a few of those. I have to say the Kate Middleton one is not as bad as the news made it out to be. There is definitely some bags under her eyes and her smile is a little smirky…but really overall not so terrible. I read that the gallery is one of her charities, since she studied Art History at University I would hope so! In the same room is a video of David Beckham sleeping. It is a close up of him laying down after a long training session. A new media type of portait, and a good one at that.

Afterwards we walked to Buckingham Palace, through Green Park, down Oxford Street and all the way home. We picked up some pizza, Dr Pepper and cookies on the way home. I really love acting like I’m on vacation!

Friday, we went to dinner with my friend Marni from school. And are currently watching the English World Cup Qualifier game. They are playing San Marino, and 55 minutes in is 6-0 England. Which I guess isn’t surprising but you can’t feel bad for the SM team! According to wikipedia (thanks Anthony!) they have only won one game ever….in a friendly vs Lichtenstein in 2004. At least they get to be on the pitch with some of the best players…in the world. That has to be exciting!

Ian and I are off to the motherland tomorrow morning….Scotland! We are going to Edinburgh for two days to pack in as much as possible. Even though its going to be another cold vacation I am really really excited. Ian Andrew is too.

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