London – Day 59 – Spring Break – Day 10

Monday – Last day of Spring Break.

We ate breakfast at the hotel and headed off to the airport to fly back to London. We went through Heathrow which is the easiest to get to the city because you just hop on the Tube. But the Tube does take a solid hour to get from the airport to my stop. We arrived home by 2:30, to rain and dreary London! Of course.

I had to run to the Wallace Collection before it closed at 5pm to look at my two objects one final time for my comparative essay due on Thursday.  I also had to take detail pictures of my pieces and got the attention of a curious ‘security guard’. Aka an old man that sits on the chair in the galleries and tells people not to stand too close to the furniture. I started telling him about my paper and asking him about the piece. Since he is there all the time of course he knew everything about it! And he said, I’m real glad you talked to me. Which made me feel bad for him! I’m sure people walk around all day long and ignore him, and he must like the museum if that is what he is choosing to spend his time volunteering at. When I left to go upstairs to look at my second piece I waved goodbye and he waved back. When I left the museum half an hour later he was near the front so I said goodbye and he said, good luck with that paper I know it will be great. New friend!

It was pouring down so Ian and I decided to go to the store and cook. He made me dinner! There is Uncle Ben’s sauce in Europe that is not sold in the states that he loves. So he made me sweet and sour chicken with rice. A warm meal was just what we needed after the busy week and cold welcome home. That, and a really good nights sleep.


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