London – Day 49


Today was the dreaded day of the Visual Analysis Test. It covered the 17th and 18th century. I have to say, I am pretty happy with how I did on the test. There is one date I know I was so off on. It was just a lot to think about. They showed five different slides and we had five minutes per slide to write the artist/country, date, style and medium and also an analysis. In the analysis we had to write characteristics of the object that support our claim on the date, country, style, artist. Also who the patron might be, and the function (if it were a decorative piece). There was a Caravaggism piece, a Dutch still life, a French porcelain vase, a baroque church and a neoclassical room. The comparative essays were two commodes – one that was Rococo and one that was Neo-classical. Then there were two paintings, a Rococo pastoral scene and a neo-classical scene. This, by the way, is all my analysis but I am almost 100% sure I am right! I actually woke up this morning dreaming about porcelain and it became clear in my dream how to differentiate Meissen from Sevres. I am so happy it is over! But I hate to admit, I actually liked doing it. We’ll see how I feel during the next visual analysis test at the end of the semester.

This afternoon I spent getting ready for the big trip tomorrow with Ian! I printed out all the confirmations, packed, and looked up some sights in Prague and Budapest! If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Now I am off to bed because it is going to be a busy next 10 days traveling.


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