London – Day 47


So happy to say the Art Law midterm is complete! It was two hours of writing on two questions. The first question asked a scenario about looted art that was going to be sold at auction and the business and legal key factors that the auction house had to go through. The second question we were able to chose from two. The first question asked about a dealer at an agency negotiating a deal between a Russian seller and American buyer who both want to remain anonymous and what you have to do, legal and business, to secure the deal. That is the one I chose, I could have also written about copyright laws of digital photographing old master paintings. I wrote as much as I could to show I had studied hard and been in class, so hopefully that pays off!

We had a class in the afternoon about selling wine at auction, which is one division of Sotheby’s. Then afterwards we had a wine tasting class. We had three pairings of different wines, and one wine cost 3 pounds and the other cost 30. We learned how you are suppose to taste wine – appearance, smell, then taste… And he tried to explain how you are suppose to make a suckling noise like you are trying to get air bubbles through the wine in your mouth…while breathing out of your nose. Not an easy task. After the first attempt I just felt silly and gave up on it. The last pairing he left it up to us to figure out which was the more expensive wine. I was tricked because the sheet said 3 pounds on one and 30 on the other so I thought he had forgotten he gave us the answer. But it was actually the reverse! I think what I took away the most from the lesson is all about Bordeaux. He really loved talking about Bordeaux. I think our class should take a field trip there.

We were done around 4pm, and I have been home doing laundry, and studying, and most importantly preparing for Ian’s arrival tomorrow!!! While tomorrow won’t be a lot of fun, since I’ll be studying the majority of the day, I am really glad he will be here. It is the start to my revolving door of visitors and I can’t wait to show them my London.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Ready!


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