London – Day 45

Monday – Day three of a four day weekend.

While I do have the day off, it isn’t really a day off because midterms are this week. I also have a paper due immediately after ‘reading week’ aka spring break so I wanted to get a majority of it done now. I am writing my comparative essay on two different cabinets that are in the Wallace Collection. One is from 1670 and the other is from 1785. I went to the library to pick out a few books on the Wallace Collection, the two cabinetmakers, and a book on marquetry! Which is actually quite fascinating. I’ve written about 70% of my paper and do feel pretty good about it. I’m hoping I can write a bit more tonight and then put it away until after spring break when I can refine it.

It was a really gorgeous day outside, so Anna and I took a walk and found a Bloch shop! I have been needing new ballet shoes, and Anna takes a ballet conditioning class at her gym and needed some too. I got the pair I thought I’d hate the most…all elastic in the canvas, but it actually hugs your foot nicely to create a pretty shape. And well, since I had new shoes I had to use them! I went to Anna’s gym and paid a small fee as a guest and took the class with her. The teacher was a man, and it was so weird to me taking from a british man because most the men I’ve come within ear shot that have an accent are playing soccer, or at a soccer game…or drinking beer. But it was a great class and I feel pretty good! I haven’t jete’d in a really long time so it was nice to get back into it a little bit. Being new, (and I guess one of the few in the class who has actually taken ballet before) he picked on me a lot..had me stand at the front of the bar, lead a group across the floor. Ok ok I’m bragging, but it feels good to still have it after all these years. I may even go back!

Now…back to writing about Boulle marquetry…


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