London – Day 44

Sunday –

I spent most of today studying. It is midterms week coming up and I have two tests! One in art law and the other a visual analysis slide test in Art History. I started going back through my art history notes and writing down flash cards. It is a lot of information. The way the test is set up they will put an image on the screen, we have to say who we think the artist was, what country, what year…then there is a space for us to analyze the painting. Not just…there is a boy in a field but…there is a shepherd therefore this is a Rococo painting which symbolizes this and that, and what is going on during the time of the painting that may have influenced it, using all the descriptive words we have heard in class. It is going to be interesting. The art law test is a scenario that we have to then write an essay response to. Two question test. The first one everyone has to answer and is worth like 66% of the grade, then the second we can chose from two questions and then write an essay on it and thats worth the remainder. Luckily Tuesday we are having a group study session in my apartment with the other Georgetown girls.

I did manage to get outside though. I actually ran to Regents Park! And I ran down some paths and all the sudden ended up at soccer heaven. There really must have been about 20 games going on, full size fields, actual jerseys…and of course, all boys. After walking around I did notice one girl on one team. Though the five minutes I watched I didn’t see her actually touch the ball, which was sad. I ended up sitting near a field that had Barcelona playing Ajax (thanks Anthony for figuring out what that red team was!). And they were so good! It was super fact paced, and everyone moved around really quickly. There were no subs, and they could slide tackle. I saw a lot of physical contact, they were really aggressive. They seemed to be fine with each other until one of the teams scored, then the physical activity they got upset about and at one point two guys had to be separated. The ref was great and didn’t fall for a lot of their over exaggerated injuries. I ended up running around a little bit more, and ran all the way home….back to studying.

Fountain I found while running

Fountain I found while running

Honest Sausage - I love the official restaurants and tea houses in all the parks in London

Honest Sausage – I love the official restaurants and tea houses in all the parks in London


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