London – Day 41

Thursday! My favorite class day…art history. We learned about the Art of the European Courts. So a lot about Versailles. Which I always like.

For lunch, I went back to the Bloomsbury Farmers Market. So many delicious options, but I went for a chicken stew type dish on top of rice. I went half and half and got shredded chicken in tomato sauce, and then a chicken sausage with beans and corn. It has been so cold lately it is nice to have a hot lunch! Elizabeth and I also split some gyoza. I think this spot is going to turn into a weekly treat. Around the market there has been some people dressed up with horse masks and signs that say, No Horse Meat allowed in this market! Which I wouldn’t expect there to be, but every day on the news there is a story about some school pulling all the meat from their lunches, or some market being tested. Such a strange current event to be around!

For my afternoon class we went to …surprise surprise… the Wallace Collection! This time we looked at paintings, where before we have mainly looked at the decorative arts. We went chronologically through it, which will be helpful for my visual analysis test when we have to date pieces. We were looking specifically at Watteau, Boucher and Fragonard ….  All very Rococo artsits so lots of pastels, scenes of fete galante, and always in nature! And we also looked at a lot of Canaletto, the artist who painted all the Venice Canals for the Grand Tourists. I feel like I have his style nailed down and hope he is one of the artists on my visual analysis test next week.

Bloomsbury Farmers Market - see my building in the back?

Bloomsbury Farmers Market – see my building in the back?

Next time I want to go here!

Next time I want to go here!





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