London – Day 40

Wow. 40 days! I do feel really settled in and that I know my way around the city. I also know how much more I want to do, and my list keeps getting longer instead of shorter. I’ve recently added a lot of restaurants I have read about including one called Bubbledogs…a champagne bar where you nosh on …no, not caviar or bar food but on hot dogs! I think London gets me.

Today, I had my last art law classes. We learned about intellectual property, and artists  and gallery relationships, the difference between copyright and a trademark, and how artist’s resale rights work. Also, always more about taxes. Import taxes vs sales taxes and what countries do what at which price. It is a lot to take in! I’ve spent tonight working on my to-do list and laundry and other normal things you can do anywhere in the world. Tomorrow, I promise to do something more exciting that you can only do in London!


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