London – Day 34

This morning my class talked about 18th century silver and 18th century porcelain. Which actually fascinates me. I considered studying decorative arts here exclusively, so I am happy that in my Art Business focus I still get to learn about it. I met Anthony for lunch at the Bloomsbury Farmers Market, which I went to last Thursday. It happens across the street from my apartment and is a bunch of stands selling food for lunch. It is always hard to make a decision on what to get. I ate a venison burger and some gyoza on the side. Anthony had a lamb sandwich. My class met this afternoon at the Wallace Collection to look at snuff boxes and porcelain dining sets. We saw a Ship Vase which is only one of ten surviving in the world because it is so fragile. Apparently the Queen owns two others. Anthony came along and looked around the museum himself and we had a great discussion about Rococo paintings after! It is nice to know what I am talking about, I think these kinds of discussions will help me in my visual analysis test in a few weeks.

For dinner Anthony and I went to St John’s Restaurant, which Anthony Bourdain said is his favorite restaurant in the world. It is a head to tails restaurant…so close your ears Erica. For starts I had roasted bone marrow that you scrape out of the bone and spread on toast. Anthony had Rabbit Offal (which is internal organs…kidney, liver, heart). For a main I had Ox Heart! with beats and also a side of new potatoes. I didn’t know what to order and asked the waitress what she thought was the best and she suggested it. Feeling brave I said yes – and it was really good. Tasted like a really good steak. Anthony had Roast Middlewhite – which is pork shoulder, and came with a cooked carrot that tasted like it was made in a stew and was very delicious. His side was Welsh Rarebit (which is toasted cheese and sauce). For dessert I had the chocolate tarte and Anthony had an apple sorbet. We basically had to roll ourselves home. I definitely think it was one of the best dinners I’ve ever had!

Sherlock's Bed

Sherlock’s Bed

Sherlock's Fireplace

Sherlock’s Fireplace


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