London – Day 28

Today my business classes covered auction law. My amazing professor told us stories of when he use to see Frances Bacon at a pub and how he always tried to talk him into creating a will, but how crazy and eccentric he was. He assures us they weren’t friends they just happened to hang out at the same pub…downplaying how cool he is.

After class I went down Oxford Street with Anna and Elizabeth to stop into Top Shop and a few other stores. Top Shop is just making its way to the states via Nordstroms. But this one is….huge! It has so many floors and areas including a cafe in one section, then a cupcake shop and frozen yogurt in another. It’s like a mall…but one store.

Given that the next few days are going to be busy I stayed in tonight! After finding the sites to watch the US shows I am now caught up on 30 Rock and the Office! I also watched the first episode of Smash but didn’t realize how long it was. It is fun to see Krysta from my high school play the roommate!

I promise not to be too boring after this. I have a lot of sightseeing to do starting Saturday!!!


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