London – Day 26

Today was another day full of work and errands. Not as exciting as some of my other days, but necessary.

My group project got together this morning to finalize everything. I somehow decided that I should volunteer to actually give the presentation. Though, this is the first of three consecutive presentations I said I would only give one so others have to volunteer next week. We’ll see!

Afterwards, I walked down Oxford Street to look into some shops. I ended up with a pair of shoes from Dorothy Perkins, that were on sale and also they give a great student discount! They are giving me a good reason to go back. I also made it back to the grocery store without having to rush through. It still is taking me a lot longer to get through the store because I’m trying to figure out brands and what to get. Each time I go I find something new and amusing. One thing I find interesting is that milk is sealed under the cap, like how a new ketchup bottle is sealed. Surprises me every time!

At home Anna and I decided to start figuring out our spring break plan because our first day off is one month from today! We decided to buy our tickets to Budapest!!! It is definitely at the top of my list so I am very excited. We are going to figure out the rest of the trip, but I am hoping to make it to Prague also and possibly one more stop depending on how much time we decide to spend in each place. I feel good about taking the first step in planning. Any suggestions on those places are highly welcome!

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