London – Day 25

Today was a lazy Sunday. Mostly because it rained hard all day long. It was the kind of rain that starts out looking like snow then when it hits anything immediately turns to water. I spent a lot of the day on my group presentation I have in class on Tuesday, my group is meeting tomorrow to (hopefully) bring everything together. It has been a learning experience so far….I hate group projects. I also did laundry and cleaned up my room. Very successful! I went out to the grocery store, and as I’m in the first aisle staring at a can of Coke wondering if I should have it or not an announcement comes on that says the store will be closing in 4 minutes! So I felt like I was on Supermarket Sweep and hurried through the aisles trying to remember what I needed and mostly failed. I will have to go back again tomorrow for sure. I guess I have been here long enough that I can take a day off of sight seeing and just enjoy being in the neighborhood and relaxing! By the way…Home Alone is on TV. I know what I’m doing tonight.

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