London – Day 21

Today was a very long day of class. My professor is great, but sometimes it is hard to keep up. He has been a lawyer focused on art law for his whole career and there is not enough space in my brain to take in everything he is telling us. It is all very interesting though. Today we learned a lot about different types of companies, LLC, Partnerships, ULLs… He doesn’t put many words up on the power points so I find myself taking a lot of notes just so I have everything. I took eight pages today.

Tonight I went to the Barbican to see a dance show! It was a troupe from Brazil doing what I think is a Russian ballet. It is a modern one called Tatyana. The first half was pretty good. I didn’t love their costumes and didn’t feel very drawn in. But post intermission was incredible. It was like seeing two different ballets! It was also neat going to the Barbican, which is a huge multi-arts complex (apparently the largest in Europe!). There is a theater, a hall for music events, a cinema, and gallery space. Anna and I walked there and met up with¬†classmates/friends Kate and Brittany. It is nice to do something fun on the week days and to step away from school and do something fun in London!

Inside the Theater

Inside the Theater


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