London – Day 20

This morning was another day of business lectures. We learned about analytics and the different factors that go into pricing an object in the current market. The next three weeks we have group presentations on emerging art markets. First is China. We are given an object and have to figure out what the price we think it is worth. Interesting but nerve-wracking!

This afternoon/evening I went to see the Sotheby’s storage facility about 45 minutes outside of the city. They took us by coach and we had a private tour for almost two hours. The facility was built just two years ago so it is state of the art in terms of temperature control, humidity control, security, etc. It was cool to see works of art just out in the open, and statues that were partially wrapped up. The head of the building explained the whole process to us of how they receive and ship the art. We saw the photo studios where they take pictures for the catalogue. We also got to go into the wine cellar area. I picked up a bottle of some chateau that has a price sticker of 2,000 pounds. I saw another that was around 4,000 pounds. In a few weeks one of our classes is a wine tasting, I doubt they will be bringing any of those bottles out but I am excited about it!

It has been a busy Tuesday! I’ve started thinking about spring break and where I want to go. I have a feeling it is going to creep up really fast! I’m thinking Prague/Budapest. Any tips?

Storage Facility

Storage Facility – Art going to sale in the Middle East

Lots of Decorative Arts!

Lots of Decorative Arts!

The waiting area for photography
The waiting area for photography



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