London – Day 18

Superbowl Sunday!

I spent the morning working on my visual analysis paper that is due this week. I even went back to the Wallace Collection to stare at the painting some more!

I met up for afternoon tea (aka hot chocolate) with a friend of a friend who lives here in London and works for Christies. She is American, and came over to do their masters program and as stayed. She is a specialist and also an auctioneer! She gave me some great tips on things to do in and outside of London. I had walked to where we were meeting in her neighborhood, so I didn’t realize it at the time but I had ventured out into Zone 2! My first steps outside of central London. I could tell it was different from where I live. It was less busy and more strollers. I had wanted to walk because it gave me the opportunity to walk up Baker Street, and see Sherlock Holmes’ house! Which is a very touristy looking museum…which means I will have to go back. After our meeting she walked me back to the Tube and showed me the canal along the way. Apparently London has canals…like Venice! I took the Tube back to Baker Street. Even though it wasn’t the closest to my place, I wanted to get off there because it is the oldest station…in the oldest underground in the world! Pretty cool. It has all sorts of Sherlock Holmes references in the tiles, and the walls, and there is a statue outside.

At night, Anna and I went to the official NFL watch party. The info says it was “the only official place to watch Super Bowl XLVII, outside of New Orleans. It was at this really cool old venue that now does concerts. They had a huge projector on the stage, and then TVs all around. There were two NFL Pro Bowl Players… Fred Taylor and Daunte Culpepper (no idea). We received voucher booklets that had tickets for free beer, and food! I had ‘nachos’ and a cheeseburger. They call it nachos…but what it really was, was a giant bag of the British version of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Which was disappointing, but not disappointing enough to not eat it. The only huge bummer was…no commercials! So I missed all the great commercials that aired in the states, though I’m sure I can find them online later. Quite a different experience. I thought Beyonce was amazing, but there needed to be more Destiny’s Child for sure. We ended up leaving during the power failure, and I watched the rest of the third quarter at home. Then it was so late I had to go to bed. I wish I could have stayed up till 4 to watch it. The best thing to come out of going to this watch party, was learning the name of a bar close to me that shows hockey! It is called…Maple Leaf.

Inside the Watch Party

Inside the Watch Party

Outside the Watch Party - at Koko

Outside the Watch Party – at Koko

Wallace Collection

Wallace Collection

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum


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