London – Day 16

This morning my class met at the National Gallery of Art. We looked at examples of art we have been discussing in class. The Baroque, Caravaggio, Dutch Golden Age, Rubens and so on. It was just in a few galleries of the museum, I will have to go back for the rest! After, Elizabeth, Marni and I went to Byron. It is a restaurant that says, Proper Hamburgers all over it that I call it Byron Proper Hamburger…but I think it is just Byron. I had the Byron burger which is a bacon cheeseburger, with ‘Byron sauce’…which is just thousand island. But it was quite proper. I know where to go back when I’m craving American food! Then I had a lecture in the afternoon and was done! After a big day yesterday I am taking it easy tonight catching up on emails, this, and watching some TV since I know how to watch American shows I can finally watch the New Girl everyone has been talking about! Also, I can be ready for the weekend which will involve more markets, the superbowl, and lots of walking!




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