London – Day 15

Thursday. Another long day! It was back to art history. The morning lecture was on French Classical Baroque Architecture. We talked a lot about the Louvre! Now another place I need to go back to.

Then I went back to the Wallace Collection to do some research in their library. The librarian had pulled books out for me on Rubens and on his technique and landscapes. I spent an hour there looking through the books, and taking notes for my paper. It was my first time doing research in a museum library and I loved it. I felt very official. I’m looking forward to doing it again!

After that, I went back to school for a short private tutorial with the head of the art history programs. And for the afternoon session, our class went to the preview of the Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art sale which happens next week. They put up all the work that will be sold at auction so people can come in, browse, look at what they want to buy, view the estimated price, etc. It really is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They explained how they chose the order of the auction, also how they present the art that will be sold. They chose different paints, fabrics, how they hang it, what they hang it next to and what they don’t. These works of art are mainly from private collections, so all things I have never seen before. They had Monet, Degas, Picasso and also a big section on surrealism with Dali and Magritte. They also had Jean-Michel Basquiat. All which we were allowed to take pictures of!

Afterwards I met up with my British friend Oli, and his friend Simon with my roommate Anna at a bar called The Bookings Office Bar inside of Pancras Station. After that I went to a birthday party with Elizabeth in Sloane Square to a Mexican restaurant called Tonteria. The birthday party was for the guy that owns it. In this Time Out article they describe him as “pal of the princes, head of light entertainment for London’s high society”. I went hoping to see a royal, sadly there were none, but it was fun anyway.

A non stop day but full of fun! Pictures to follow.


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