London – Day 13

Today was my first real Art Business classes. The art business has some classes together (close to 70 people), and also seminars and smaller lectures split up into groups. The classes today were titled, Art Market Analysis: An Analytical Framework for Understanding the Art Market. Something I am brand new to. One slide had a diagram of influencers of the art market, with pictures of people who are artists, gallery owners, curators, art critics…and the teacher asked who could name people on the screen, and in the end everyone was named. I had no idea who any of them were. Such a different world from museums!

This evening we were invited to the Royal Geographic Society for a viewing of The Noise of Ice – Antartica.  Italian photographer, Enzo Barracco’s exhibition of images he took inspired by Ernest Shackleton’s expedition in Antartica. This was particularly interesting to me because Elizabeth and I went to a gallery in DC this past fall where they showed (and were selling) prints from Shackleton’s exhibition taken by photographer Frank Hurley. While quite different from one another, it was great to see both! Elizabeth and I went together, and had dinner first at Racine, a French bistro in Knightsbridge. I had steak and pomme frites! It was my first steak since leaving the states, so it was beyond delicious. Now I am full, tired, and ready to sleep after a long day!





The Scene

The Scene


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