London – Day 12

It is Monday, but still the weekend, which is weird. Today was less eventful than the previous two, mostly because I was exhausted from all the walking. I went to the grocery store, and to a place that is the London version of Staples called Ryman. I picked up some folders and a two-hole punch. The folders here have two small rings towards the center instead of the USA spread out three. I wrote out my schedule in my planner and on my calendar up to spring break. There is a lot going on, between now and then including three mini presentations, an auction law exam, a visual analysis test and an object analysis essay. Enough to keep me busy!

I also went back to the Wallace Collection with Elizabeth to pick out our objects for our analysis essay. I decided on a Rubens’ painting called The Rainbow Landscape. I read just a brief description on it and know I will be able to find enough research to write an essay. I emailed the librarian at the collection to see if I could come in review their research and books. Exciting!

I’m looking forward to the week, school has a few visits planned in addition to class. More on that when the time comes.


Ridiculous Suits of Armor at the Wallace Collection


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