London – Day 11

I thought Sunday would be a great day for a market! I spent the day at Spitalfields. It is in the East End of London, near Shoreditch (aka hipsters!). I decided to walk there, and on the way passed by a Cabman’s Shelter, the London Wall, and also Smithfield’s Market. Smithfields is a real wholesale butchers market, which I apparently have to wake up and see at 7am when it is most lively. Anthony Bourdain went there during his Layover show to have a proper English breakfast. He also went to a Cabman’s shelter!

Spitalfields was awesome. I met Elizabeth there around noon. The Old Market section was all covered. The outside along the streets were all real shops, and in the center were vendors. They sold everything from furs, to leather goods, to handmade jewelry, to art. It was pretty neat. I had a falafel pita sandwich for lunch! After that we walked down Brick Lane which was ridiculously crowded. And off to the sides were pop up vintage markets, buskers on the street, people selling much activity. It was quite a site to see. We spent about 5 hours in such a small area. I really want to go back and take the Alternative Walking Tour that shows you all sorts of street art. That way I can get to know the area a little better, because I can tell there is a lot going on that I would like.

I am in the middle of my three day weekend. I only have class here Tuesday through Friday so I’m lucky enough to always have a three day weekend and hope to take advantage of it! I am planning on going to find an object from the 17th or 18th century to write my first essay on. I’m thinking something in the decorative arts…or a sculpture! I think I’ll have a lot to chose from, I just have to start looking.


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