London – Day 10

Today was a tourist kind of day.

I walked from my flat to Chelsea. On the way I saw Piccadilly Circus for the first time. Which I guess in the early morning isn’t that exciting. Then I walked along Green Park. I noticed some gates on the other end so I went to investigate and found myself at Buckingham Palace! There was quite a crowd gathering. I kept trying to hear someone speaking English…which took me awhile to find, and asked what they were waiting for. Turns out I was right on time for the Changing of the Guards. I saw the band march down the street and it begin, but didn’t stay for the whole thing because I didn’t have a great view. I will have to go back earlier to have a better spot so I can see everything.

I met Elizabeth at Chelsea for the Farmers Market. It was really just a food fair. So many choices but I had to go with the sign that said, Best Confit Duck Sandwich in London. It was really good and incredibly filling. Anna met us there later and we walked up to Harrods.

Harrods was insane. I took a map of all the floors and departments. I felt like I was visiting a museum, planning out what I wanted to see, looking at pieces of art (crazy shoes, purses, chocolates and pet toys), and not touching anything! It was really a cool place, and I wouldn’t mind going back!

We walked on up towards Hyde Park, past the Victoria and Albert Museum (always called the V and A at my school, which I thought at first they were saying something I didn’t know about that everyone else did that sounded like Viennay). We saw the Prince Albert Memorial, and the Prince Albert Hall. Right in front of the memorial were about six guys playing roller hockey! And a few had on jerseys! There is hope to finding someplace to watch hockey in London!

We continued on to Kensington Palace. Elizabeth and I went inside where you can see the Kings Apartments, the Queens Apartments and then a special exhibition on Queen Victoria that included her tiny wedding dress. The museum is really good, and they have people dressed up and working around the house. In the King’s Card room there were two guys playing the King’s favorite card game and asked us to join in. We played one round and I did not win, though Elizabeth did! It was fun. The gentleman at the ticket booth when we went in told us if we were going to ask about anything Princess Diana to just forget it because they didn’t have anything. Which…we weren’t planning to ask but good to know. However they did have a few images and some amazing wallpaper. This summer there will be a young royals exhibition with some of her clothes, might be worth going back!

Afterwards, Elizabeth and I went to The Orangery for afternoon tea! Or in my case…hot chocolate. It was on my list of things to do, and was great! I then walked back home down Oxford Street…which was incredibly crowded, but now I know where the four story Top Shop is, and I saw Selfridges – which I know from my Nana is where the Queen shops!

I think I walked close to 9 miles today. My feet and legs are excited for some rest…until tomorrow!


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