London – Day 9

I had my second art history courses today. The morning we learned about Baroque Roman Architecture and all about Bernini and Borromini  I feel like I have to go back to Rome to see it all in person. My afternoon class was on Baroque painters in Rome the same period. So I had a big section on Caravaggio! Which was cool because I saw a Caravaggio exhibit with my parents over Christmas at LACMA. So we learned about some of the paintings I saw in the exhibit. All incredibly interesting and my teachers are really wonderful and can talk off the cuff about each of the artists. I really really like my art history courses. I feel like I’m learning so much already.

A few other girls from Georgetown live in my same building, but I had not seen their apartments yet. I went to Mia and Elizabeth’s apartment downstairs. Elizabeth, who is from Louisiana, made King Cake for Mardi Gras! It was delicious. A few of us went out tonight to a local pub called One Tun and had a pint of Youngs Bitter! Pretty good Friday. Cheers!



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