London – Day 8

I have officially been here for one week!

Today was my first Art History course. I am studying 17th and 18th century the first half, then 19th the second half. We had an overview of everything we will learn – which was a lot to take in. Then we had a lecture on 17th and 18th century furniture. I took four pages of notes on the difference between Rococo and Neo-Classical. Then we had our lunch break and afterwards met at the Wallace Collection. The Wallace Collection is a house museum about 20 minutes west of where I live on Manchester Circle in the area of Westminister. It is full of furniture, paintings, candlesticks, and clocks from that time period. We saw 21 difference cabinets, some made by famous royal artists, some not…and how to tell the difference. They are all equally impressive but I liked the Marie Antoinette ones the best. She liked children themed, flowers, ribbons and had her MA initial in the piece as well. She used her own money for her furniture, and used the most expensive guy around named Riesener. It is cool that we can learn about the differences in styles of the furniture, then go to the galleries to actually see them! (To sum it up, Rococo..lots of curves, fantasy figures, foliage, decorated sides and top…Neo-Classical…lots of straight lines, some classical images like the Greek key, marble top). My teacher is really great, but also talks pretty fast and uses a lot of terminology. She gave us a glossary so I am going to have to study up!


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