London – Day 7

I can’t believe one week ago today I was on my way to the airport! The days are long, but the week feels short.

Today my class went to Greenwich. It is in South-East London and we went by boat! Anna and I walked down to Westminister Pier and did not realize everything we would see on the way…all the theaters, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Westminister Abbey, Big Ben and Parliament! I was so happy to see everything in person, finally. The boat, moving at a slow pace, took an hour to go down the river. We saw all the buildings along the river and went under all the bridges. It was neat. Especially the Tower Bridge!

At Greenwich we took a tour of the Chapel, the Painted Hall and the Queen’s House. All super cool. Just a tiny bit of the history…Henry the 8th and Elizabeth I were born there. It was the House of Tudor for a long time. Queen Anne spent a lot of time there. It fell into disrepair during the English Civil War, turned into the Royal Naval Hospital for Sailors, then a military college and now with the Greenwich Foundation. Also in Greenwich is where the Royal Observatory is, as in GMT time!

I enjoyed seeing a lot of London today, and seeing Greenwich – something I might have not done on my own. It was a long day, and I decided to walk back to the flat so I could see the sights at night and take some shots!


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