London – Day 6

Today was orientation day. A few girls from my program walked over together to the school.

The morning session was filling out paperwork, and we could come in anytime between 10 and 1. After, Elizabeth and Kristin came back to my and Anna’s apartment for the lunch break. They both live farther away from school.

The afternoon session was everyone together with a welcome from the Director of the school, Director of the semester progra(me), info from IT, the library, career services and then a short lecture introduction on the global art market. For example did you know the Global Art Market is a $60 billion market? The top three art markets are China, the US and the UK? Neither did I! We then split up into three smaller groups to introduce ourselves. There are people from all over. Chile, Dubai, Australian, Italy, France, Germany, South Korea, China, Canada, Mexico – and a few from the US. The Americans are from Colorado, Vermont, California, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. So it will be an interesting group. The strangest was an Italian guy, who was lounging half way down his chair with his legs stretched out and when he introduced himself he said that he was the son of art dealers so he thought he’d try it out.

We had a reception afterwards and I talked to a girl from Scotland and a girl from Australia who were both very nice. They are envious that we already know people in the program. It certainly does make it easier! Very glad this day is over, now it all begins!


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