London – Day 5

I started out today with errands. I went to a shopping center not far to go to a Boots (which is like a Walgreens). I could not find it, so I went into another drugstore called Superdrug to pick up shampoo, conditioner, hand soap etc. There is also a large Waitrose in the center. Waitrose is like Whole Foods, so on the expensive side but I went in to look around. And thank goodness I finally found a large grocery store. I plan on going back later this week. I decided to walk out of the shopping center through a different exit and what do you know…there was Boots! Of course, after I had bought everything I needed. At least I know where it is for next time.

After dropping off my bags at home I walked around my neighborhood, through to see where school is. Sotheby’s is on Bedford Square. The square was built in 1775 for rich people, it is still a private garden. Which is strange to me…in the middle of a square is a garden, with a gate under lock and key. I didn’t go into school but I know where to go tomorrow!

I continued walking on and decided to stop in the British Museum. It was lovely, and so much to look at. I of course visited the Rosetta Stone and I liked all the old clocks! It was nice to stop in for about an hour and get a feel of it so I can go back again and know what I want to see. It is about a 10 minute walk from my apartment, so there is no good reason not to go back.

From there I walked down Oxford Street. I thought for some reason it was different than what I saw. Maybe I wasn’t in the right section but I pictured small boutiques, book stores, but it was a pretty major street with Burger King and Subway. I headed home and stopped in a stationary store on the way to pick up a 2013 planner. Tonight I have been preparing for being in school again! Writing down all my classes and preparing my bag for the morning. I’m looking forward to having the first day be over.

Where I live, my building is on the left

Where I live, my building is on the left

The Church Next Door

The Church Next Door

My flat is the window on the very left - first row!

My flat is the window on the very left – first row!

Finally Sun! By a private garden

Finally Sun! By a private garden




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