London – Day 4

Another snowy day. It was really coming down, but a few of us still made the trek out to run errands. We went to a store called Argos…which is like an Ikea/Walmart/Target all done by catalog. So the store is pretty small, and you search for items in a catalog and write the number down. Then you take it to the counter, pay for it, and they go back in their warehouse and bring it out. They have everything from furniture, to toys, to home goods, to clothes. Very interesting, because you can only browse based on a picture. I bought a hair dryer. Afterwards we went to a Sainsbury for some groceries. I keep going to the places that are closer to ‘downtown’ (what I call it), and need to go the other direction because they are all small stores with not a lot of options. However, my refrigerator is the size of a small cupboard, so I’ll have to be going quite a bit anyway.

Tonight I went to a friend’s house for dinner. Kristin is good friends with my friend Leslie and also went to UMD with Anthony. Her and her husband Chet live about a 25 minute walk east of me. They made chili and cornbread and had people bring the other items. I brought an apple pie from Sainsbury, I thought it went with the American meal. The meal was super delicious and I’m glad I got to see her so soon after arriving. Chet had friends from school over and they were from Germany, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, and Pittsburgh! An interesting mix. Since they have all been in London for awhile I  got some tips on what not to miss. I think I’ll be busy every weekend! Now if only the snow would stop…


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